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What Non-Slip Pads Will Hold Your Side Tables in Place?

furniture stay in place

In the picture above, we have a decorative half-couch that won’t be used all that much but still rests directly on top of an expensive hardwood floor.

Furniture Buffers rubber-foam furniture pads are the perfect solution to this scenario. First, these non slip furniture pads grip the floor so furniture stays in place. Check out the waffle design that grips and holds:

non slip pads

The benefit is two-fold: 1) If any one takes a seat, the couch won’t shift and 2) the couch legs won’t dent or scratch the hardwood floor because the cushion will absorb all the punishment and/or grind. And just to make sure there’s no ring from the flower vase, you could attach protectors on the bottom of that too.

The great thing about all Furniture Buffers pads is they’re made with super sticky self adhesive so you know they’re not going to fall off.

non slip grip

You can grab a pack of 24 grippy pads on Amazon and protect both your floors and your furniture right now.

Click here to make your purchase.

Not only can these puppies protect your flooring but you’ll be impressed with the 2-for-1 solution they offer for laptops.

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